Wall Decals – Your Wall’s Best Friend

Wall Decals in a Nutshell

Think of these wall decoratiosn as wall tatoos, wall viny, or wall stickers. Wall tattoos are made with an adhesive backed vinyl specifcally made for decor for you business or home. The vinyl is then cust using vinyl cutting machines that precisely follow the outline of almost any shape.  Wall stickers can be used for decorative purposes, conveying critical information or both. In the home, you usually see them used for decorative accents using art or sayings such as bible versus or poems.  This type of wall decor can be afixed to an smooth surface such as walls, cabinets, glass or doors. The can be made to just about any custom size, small or large. They can even be made in full color and incorporate words such as your favorite quote and can incorporate pictures such as clip art or even your own custom art.


Why Should I Decorate Walls with Wall Stickers?

There are plenty of good reasons to use Wall Decals as accent items to your décor. Here are some reasons to use Wall Decals:

  • Our Wall Stickers are High-Quality Products
  • They can be Custom-Made According to Your Wishes
  • Wall Tattoos we Make Will Breathe Life Into Your Walls and Room
  • They can be Installed and Removed Easily.


  • They can be Changed Easily.
  • Inexpensive Accent item.

All in all, all of the wall tattoos we make will make your space look more interesting and spruce it up in a unique and creative way that reflects your style and personality.

For Renters

Wall Decals are the ideal solution for anyone who rents an apartment or home. They allow you to put accents on the walls that will not damage the paint and they can be removed extremely easily. If you save the release liner and handle if carefully you can even take them with you when you move.

Categories of Wall Decals We Make

Our team of experts can help you design any wall decal you want. We see all type of different designs and ideas. Here are just a few:

  • Abstract Wall Tattoos
  • Animal Wall Tattoos
  • Children’s Room Wall Tattoos
  • Travel Wall Tattoos
  • Flower Wall Tattoos
  • Music Wall Tattoos
  • Pattern Wall Tattoos

This is by no means a full list. We produce wall decals with almost any design you can imagine. Your only limitation is your creativity and we can even help inspire you.

Benefits of Our Wall Stickers

All of the wall stickers we make for our customers are self-adhesive, easy to install, removable, and can be made re-usable. They can install on virtually any smooth surface, even floor and ceilings.

If you want to want to add a one of a kind decorative tough to your space, call us first at 888-458-9255 and speak with one of our design specialist to see just how easy it can be.


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