How to give life to your home using Wallpaper Murals?

A Wallpaper Mural is a product that is an image that is enlarge and printed on a substrate specifically engineered to be used on walls, ceilings, windows or even floors; virtually an flat smooth surface. You see them in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, museums, galleries and virtually any public space. Due to changes in technology it is more affordable than ever to use them in your home as well. Unlike Custom Wallpaper which is thought of as a repeating image or Wallpaper Borders which only covers a small portion of the wall, a Wallpaper Mural, sometimes referred to as a Photo Mural is a single or multiple image graphic that doesn’t repeat and covers a large area. It can cover your entire wall or a portion of it. It is the perfect addition to any decor and helps transform the room and set the mood. You don’t even need your own image. With the micro stock photo sites, there are millions of photos to choose from or to use as part of or as inspiration for your design. Whether you are looking for city skyline, a scene from a vacation of a lifetime, or a relaxing beach scene from an obscure island half way around the world, chances are there is an image out there you can use.

Here are some basic steps and ideas to help you get started and ensure great results:

First, look for a wall which is unobstructed and is bland and in need of art.

Second, think of a design that fits the space, angle and location in your house, like for example you can place a playground Wallpaper Mural design in a corner part of the room of your child or a mini library design where he usually do his homework.  Another example is a Car display Wallpaper Mural in the garage, beautiful European cafe street scene in a dining room or a map of the world in your home office. You can use stock photos or use your own photographs, artwork or any combination.

Third, check the cropping of your image and determine the color style which can be full color, black and white or old fashioned sepia.  You can even adjust colors to help compliment your existing decor to help tie it into the curtains, furniture or paint or match the exact colors used in the room.

It is easy to get amazing results. With a custom Wallpaper Mural you can convert and transform your space in your home into a focal point and the topic of conversation.

Creating a stylish one of a kind room that reflects your style and personality is easier than you think. Put you imagination to work and then give it a try. You will be glad you did.




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