How Does a Wall Decal Differ from Other Wallpapers?

A Wall Decal is most commonly an adhesive back vinyl or cloth product. Unlike wallpapers, they can be easily be applied by simply peeling off the backing and placing them on the wall using the self adhesive backing. The same material can actually be used for Custom Wallpaper, Wallpaper Murals, Photo Murals and Wallpaper Borders. Larger pieces may be more difficult to install, but if you don’t want to mess with paste, it may be the right solution for your project. With a Wall Decal, you can simply add accents to the wall without covering the entire surface. It is a perfect solution for kids rooms or to add just a hint of style to any decor.



You often here a Wall Decal referred to as a wall sticker or wall vinyl and even a wall tattoo because it doesn’t cover the entire wall. It only covers a small portion and can be used for a subtle accent, your favourite quote or combined with different elements. They can even be moved and reapplied. When used as an accent, they are printed and cut so the space that is not part of the design is cut away allowing the original color of the wall to show through. And, what’s more, a Wall Decal doesn’t have to be used just on a wall. It can be used on glass, wood, or any smooth surface. Use them in the bedroom, kitchen living room, office or on the sliding doors or even on windows. You can even use them in your business on doors or wall to help enhance the decor or convey a message.  They are extremely durable and affordable on any budget. If you don’t have original art, there are millions of predesigned images available and each one can be adjust or changed to meet your design need whether matching the colors in your room or adding a personal touch. Possibilities are endless and the only limitation is your creativity.


Need inspiration or ideas?  Look around the next time you are out. Once you are looking for them, you will see Wall Decals everywhere from your favourite restaurant or retail store to windows and doors of virtually any commercial space. Often you see words, but increasingly you see them used in place of or in conjunction with other wallpapers as a way of helping to connect the decor of different wall. And unlike other wallpaper, apply these adhesive vinyl stickers doesn’t take special skill or tools. All you need is and idea and if you can peel a sticker, you can apply them with ease. Contact the expert to help get you started and turn your ideas into decor.



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